BAb Al Nojoum, Al Hudayriat Island

Abu Dhabi

Nov 24 - 26, 2023

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Horizons of faith

Horizons of Faith is an immersive Christian youth festival that combines introspection, scripture study, community-building, and personal expression to empower individuals in their faith journey. Through engaging sessions and interactive activities, participants discover new depths of faith, embrace their unique gifts, and become equipped to live out their calling as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Theme: Now what?

The enduring question faced by early young Christians and relevant to us today is "Now What?" It serves as the starting point for the conference, setting the stage for exploring solutions to this challenge.

The festival focuses on empowering attendees to step up in church responsibility by emphasizing the importance of community building, leading through example, and actively serving.

These actions form the backbone of the solutions offered to address the question of "Now What?"

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Christopher O’Shaughnessy is a passionate and diverse speaker who uses a unique blend of story telling, humor, and provocative insight to convey the grace and love of a relentlessly compassionate God.

Chris has lived a truly international life: born in England, Chris has lived and worked across the globe and to date has ventured to more than 100 countries. Tales from these experiences make up part of the fabric of Chris’s engaging presentation and have helped shape Chris’s passion for bringing the love of a God unwilling to give up on creation to an often confused and hurting world.

Audiences large and small are drawn to Chris’s disarming humor, and challenging insight into worldview and the truth of Jesus’ love.

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Keynote Speaker

Christopher O Shaughnessy

What To Expect!

A Christian youth festival empowering young hearts in their faith journey. Join us for inspiring talks, workshops, and community-building activities. Click the below links to know more

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